I was reading a lot about NASA’s Mars helicopter - Ingenuity, so I’ve compiled a list of links: materials and research papers about it. I’m mostly interested in hardware and software - especially in terms on navigation. All of the materials are easily obtained by googling them, so that’s the reason I’m including links to them as well.

Since the Ingenuity uses COTS (Commerical Off-the-shelf) components, some of the navigation features could, in theory, be implemented using a smart phone ie using IMU and using camera as vision input for building a navigation demonstrator.

How Ingenuity Knows Where It Is And Where It’s Going (article, blog post)

Mars Helicopter Technology Demonstrator (NASA, research paper)

Inside the Ingenuity Helicopter: Teamwork on Mars (article, blog post)

Flight Control System for NASA’s Mars Helicopter (NASA, research paper)

Guidance and Control for a Mars Helicopter (NASA, research paper)

Vision-Based Navigation for the NASA Mars Helicopter (research paper)

A minimal state augmentation algorithm for vision-based navigation without using mapped landmarks (NASA, research paper)

Generation of Mars Helicopter Rotor Model for Comprehensive Analyses (NASA, research paper)

Real-time Onboard Visual-Inertial State Estimation and Self-Calibration of MAVs in Unknown Environments (research paper)