• NASA's Mars helicopter - Ingenuity: research materials

    I was reading a lot about NASA’s Mars helicopter - Ingenuity, so I’ve compiled a list of links: materials and research papers about it. I’m mostly interested in hardware and software - especially in terms on navigation. All of the materials are easily obtained by googling them, so that’s the reason I’m including links to them as well.

  • Android network service discovery

    I had troubles setting up network service discovery on Android and using bonjour (or bonjour-service) on nodejs server. I had troubles setting up just a basic usage, following android documentation and npm package documentation.

  • Web3 is still centralized?

    I’m still distilling what web3 is all about. What’s clear, at least I think, is that it’s a service or multiple services or more generally: a clients, built on top of distributed public ledger - a blockchain. A notable feature of such system is that it’s decentralized - no one owns the blockchain, it’s public, so you’re enabled to write to it whatever you want, without restrictions or fear of being blocked, censored or removed. In my opinion, such systems still suffer from centralization. Not from centralization of database, blockchain in this case, but centralization of clients and web services built on top. In this blog, I’d like to draw some parallels to existing distributed systems with high client centralization.

  • Social login for SPAs via SpringBoot and Ember.js

    I want to write Single Page Application (SPA) with Java, SpringBoot backend and following requirements:

    • Login via API (/api/v1/login) by using credentials (user/password combination)
    • Logout via API (/api/v1/logout)
    • Signup and login via Social networks
    • Linking and unlinking of social networks once user is logged in
    • Support for following social networks: Github, Facebook, Google and Twitter
    • Separate entities for accounts and social (external) accounts

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